Deirdre Mammano

Life/Career Coach. Digital Media Expert. Business Owner/Entrepreneur. Philanthropist

Deirdre Mammano

Deirdre is digital marketing expert who has spent her career launching multi-million dollar marketing strategies for everything from small business to Fortune 500 clients and building businesses, all while inspiring and helping others to achieve their dreams by tapping into their true potential.

Having kicked off her career as VP of Digital Strategy for the largest global recruitment advertisement agency and spent years educating thousands of recruiters on industry best practices and techniques, it is fair to say that Deirdre has earned her stripes.

A labor of love, the launch of is the result of years spent collecting countless life-altering experiences, lessons, trials, errors and mentors. For Deirdre, giving back—whether it be through mentoring, charity work, or simply leading and inspiring—is the most important work and what brings her the most joy.

Through integrating her life and business philosophies, Deirdre’s mission is simple: To empower others to energize their careers and ultimately find their purpose.

Entrepreneur & Philantropist

philantropy philantropy entrepreneur

From starting her first company at 24 years old, to managing 200+ employees globally, Deirdre Mammano is currently the owner of several successful businesses--all of which embody her mission to inspire and empower others.

Work Hard, Play Harder

For Deirdre, balance is key, as evidenced by some of her proudest personal and professional accomplishments and accolades

Play First

😌️ The fun stuff.

  • Started a company
    at 23, sold it by 26
  • Jumped out of a helicopter
    over the Swiss Alps
  • Played soccer in
    Holland for a summer
  • Lived in Italy for 5 months
    with my best friends
  • Ran to the top of Rockefeller
    Plaza (3 times) for Charity
  • Participated in ROTC my
    sophomore/junior year of College
  • Experienced OktoberFest
    in Munich Germany
  • Created a
    fitness App
  • Created a charity called Miracle on 34th Street for
    Multiple Sclerosis and have raised over $20,000
  • Wrestled on the High School Varsity team -
    it all started with a dare (only for 1 year)
  • Learned to snow
    and wakeboard
  • Took a vacation to
    Costa Rica by myself
  • Co-sponsored a project on 22 college campuses
    around the nation to impact over 50,000 students
  • Set a record in the Guiness Book of Records
    for organizing the largest speed date
  • Was Vice President of Digital Strategy for the largest
    Recruitment Advertising Agency before I turned 30
  • Helped make 21 dreams come true
    for those students who were involved
  • Rode a 1 ton bull
    (not mechanical!)

Official Facts

👩🏻‍💻️ Accomplishments. Accolades. Advancements.

Deirdre launched The Buried Life(TBL) campaign - inspiring over 50,000 students through a speaking tour. TBL toured to 22 schools nationwide over the course of 6 months asking students "What do you they want to do before they die?" The incredibly inspirational platform consisted of the boys telling their story - sharing their bucket list items & hosting an open mic where students would share with their peers what was on their bucket list.
Through TBL, Deirdre and the cast members were able to make 21 dreams come true. One student per school entered into a photo contest where the winner was awarded their dream.
Product development that is utilized by hundreds of clients.
Recruiter education on best practices / techniques in recruitment.
Deirdre has also started a Mobile Marketing Recruitment Campaign - Text me Plant a Tree - Launching the largest "GREEN" Mobile marketing recruitment campaign Nationwide.
Creator of the largest social recruitment strategy.
Launching dozens of websites for Fortune 500 clients making sure they were optimized for search engines & user behavior.
Educated Thousands of recruiters from various Fortune 5 companies on recruitment best practices/techniques across Mobile, Web, Digital/Interactive/Social/Media/Job Boards.
Created the largest social recruitment strategy consisting of 4 biggest social platforms: facebook, twitter, linkedin & YouTube.
Mastered the art of helping companies attract the right kind of talent.
Her tried and true tricks of the trade have enabled her to help millions of jobseekers land their dream careers.
Launched the career sites for dozens of Fortune 500 clients, optimizing them for search engine and job seeking behavior.

People Say

I find Dierdre to be the an outstanding person to know and work with in business. She is innovative, strategic and driven. She is easy to work with and always works hard to find solutions to critical challenges others might shy away from. Without a doubt I would work with Dierdre again as well as strongly recommend her to anyone who might have the option.

I've worked with Deirdre over the past year on various projects and she is an invaluable team player with a great source of knowledge on the ever changing digital space. She has a passion for what she does and clients trust her solutions because she has a clear understanding of their business. Her dedication and high energy is remarkable

Each time that I have the opportunity to work with Deirdre I walk away more impressed than the last. Deirdre is not just focused on finding the "new" idea for her clients, she is focused on the "next" idea. She tackles initiatives large and small with an amazing work ethic and passion. If Deirdre is working with your company you can rest assured that you are working with the best.


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Deirdre Mammano

Digital Expert. Career Coach. Philanthropist.

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